Denim DIY Inspiration - Jazz Up Your Jeans

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DIY denim was a massive trend in the 90s, and has since made an epic comeback. In order to make the most of this fun fad, here are Soviet’s top suggestions for transforming your old jeans into a real feast for the eyes.


Add a delicate, feminine touch to your favourite pair of jeans with some lace. While it might take a while to achieve the look as pictured above, if you’re aiming for something a little more subtle, it should be a relatively simple experiment overall. Visit Youtube and search ‘DIY Lace Jeans’ for a multitude of video tutorials that should help streamline the process.


This quirky trend is probably the easiest to embrace - even inexperienced DIYers will manage to pull it off. All that you will need is a few pieces of pretty material (navy blue patterns work best; however, if you want to make a statement, feel free to go as colourful as you’d like!), some scissors, thread and a needle. Easy-peasy!

Fabric Paint

For those who have an artistic flair, this DIY fad is sure to be right up your alley. It’s quite simple, really. Just grab some fabric paint from your local art store and let your creativity take over! One thing’s for sure: your jeans are going to be truly one-of-a-kind by the time you’re done with them.


Bling-bling is still in… and so are rhinestones. Dazzle your denims by gluing a few sparkly delights all over your trusty jeans - and don’t be shy! The shinier, the better.

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Everything You Need to Know about Rocking Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans have been immensely popular since the early 00s, and show no signs of going out of fashion any time soon! Here are Soviet’s top tips for rocking this timeless look, regardless of where you are going.

Choose One Statement Piece

Seeing as though your skinny jeans will make a big statement all on their own, it is advisable that you put the rest of your outfit together wisely, choosing only one additional item that will stand out. For instance, if you opt to wear sky-high, colourful heels, then wear muted jewellery and a plain T-shirt or blouse. If you opt for a patterned T-shirt or blouse, pair it with neutral pumps or sneakers. Finally, if your jewellery is attention-grabbing, keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible.

Choose Your Skinny Jeans According to Your Body Type

The unwritten rule that states ‘not everybody should wear skinny jeans’ is a total myth. Everyone has the ability to rock a pair of skinny jeans, as long as they know what works best for their unique body shape. The secret is to shop around extensively before you buy - and only fork out the cash when you find a pair that makes you feel as great as you look!

Don’t Be Afraid of High-Waisted Designs 

High-waisted skinnies are extremely trendy at the moment. However, many find them slightly intimidating and a massive style challenge. Luckily, styling high-waisted skinnies is really easy if you know what you’re doing. When it comes to pairing other items with these statement jeans, we recommend giving crop tops, button-down shirts (tucked in so as to enhance the shape of your waist), cropped sweaters and edgy leather jackets a try. Feel free to experiment!

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The Best Materials to Wear to Stay Cool in Summer

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Rayon is a trusted companion when the weather is hot, but seeing as though it is a semi-synthetic material and is not as absorbent as most of its natural counterparts, it is best worn on those days that promise lower levels of humidity, hence less perspiration.


Just as delicately beautiful as silk, chiffon also has the added benefit of being a slightly more absorbent and breathable fabric all-round, making it the perfect choice for balmy spring and summer afternoons.

Soviet’s Tip: Extend the life of your favourite chiffon items by washing them by hand instead of laundering in the machine.


Cotton is arguably the most popular summer fabric. Lightweight, affordable, and ensuring the ultimate in breathability, it is the number one choice for a day spent outdoors. It is versatile in that it will help keep you cool during those scorching days, regardless of the presence of humidity or lack thereof.

Soviet’s Tip: In order to preserve the lifespan of your favourite cotton garments, be sure to hang them on the washing line to dry as opposed to using a tumble-dryer which could cause them to shrink over time.


Another lightweight, breezy fabric, linen is often used to manufacture summer dresses and blouses. The only downfall is that it has the tendency to wrinkle more than most other summer-friendly fabrics - luckily, this can be easily remedied. If you aren’t a fan of ironing, just keep a spray bottle filled with water handy. Spritz some water onto the garment and flatten out obvious creases with your hands.


Lace is a timeless fabric that boasts plenty of summer appeal. Along with being delicate and breezy, it is also very trendy right now and will effortlessly add a dash of femininity to any outfit.


Most people are under the impression that denim is too heavy to be a suitable summer fabric. However, this depends on the type of denim that you choose to wear. Why not invest in a pair of stylish denim shorts? Or perhaps a fashionable mid-calf design? You can even wear your favourite full-length jeans if you plan the rest of your outfit strategically - sandals, cotton t-shirt / crop top etc. Make no mistake… denim is, and always will be, a fabric that will see you through all seasons!


Fashion Faux-pas Everybody was Guilty of in the 2000s

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Most of us remember the 00s fondly - from the rise of reality TV to the introduction of social media - however, many of our fashion choices throughout this decade left a lot to be desired. Below, we take a slightly cringe-worthy trip down memory lane and highlight the top 6 fashion faux-pas of the time that almost everybody was guilty of... 

Velour Tracksuits

These velvety, colourful tracksuits were originally popular way back in the 70s, and were dragged back into the spotlight by many a celebrity in the early 00s - most notably, Paris Hilton. While they were indeed comfortable, it is safe to say that they were also a bit of an eye-sore. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to worry about another velour tracksuit revival for at least 30 more years!

Body Glitter

Body glitter was a massive fad for teens and tweens during the 00s - probably because they were used to seeing their favourite pop starlets wearing copious amounts of it on stage. But that’s the thing… body glitter is meant for over-the-top stage performances, not every day wear. Plus, that stuff gets everywhere. In short, the bling-bling just isn’t worth it. 

Bandana Tops

Bandanas were massive during this time; however, these accessories spent less time on people’s heads and more time doubling up as tops and arm bands. This was another trend made popular by celebrities in the spotlight, but was slightly less than practical for everyday people. Unless you had perfect abs, of course! 


The 00s brought with it a few terrible footwear trends, including Uggs and Crocs. Crocs, in particular, really do not require any introduction. There were two types of people when it came to these shoes - those who couldn’t resist their comfort and those who would rather walk around with cats strapped to their feet. If you still own a pair, do the right thing and save them for working in the garden. 

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats added a touch of masculinity to your style, and were the epitome of ‘cool...’ for a while.They quickly developed a reputation for being tacky and faded away long before the late 00s crept up on us. Unfortunately, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, who sported a trucker hat earlier this year, it seems as though a trend revival is likely to occur in the near future. 

Dresses Over Pants 

Why would anyone want to hide their favourite pair of denims by wearing a dress over them? This is the one 00s trend that really baffles the Soviet team. Wear your jeans with pride! 

Cringing yet? Redeem yourself by checking out the latest offerings from Soviet. It’s easy to remain style-savvy when you have us on your side!